How CBD Oil Can Help Your Best Friend

A small CBD filled dog treat can have a giant health impact on man’s best friend.  Dogs, like humans and other mammals, house an inner endocannabinoid system which  is a network of neuro- transmitters that helps maintain balance and normal body function.  Endocannabinoid receptors are built into the central nervous system and are found in vital organs throughout the body, including the brain.  When  CBD attaches to these receptors, immuno cells are stimulated to  dispense a sway of relaxation and a bounce of bliss.  The dog or person will move towards serenity and calm.

While formal studies are scarce, the increasing popularity of CBD use in pets continues to produce growing observational evidence that CBD has a safe and powerful impact on alleviating pain, reducing inflammation, minimizing anxiety and fear, controlling the severity of seizures and healing  both bowel disorders  and skin disorders in dogs, just the way it does in people.  Ask the huge number of owners who regularly give CBD to their pets and they will describe all the positive changes and obvious benefits.  There are   no known side effects except that too much CBD may nudge a dog to feel a little extra sleepy.

We all love our dogs.  They are our family and our best friends.  They greet us with joy and enthusiasm.   They follow us everywhere, tend to us when we’re sad and contribute to  our elation when life thrills. They beg to share our food, warn us if they sense danger, persist until we play with them, show us what loyalty looks like  and   they teach us to age with  grace.  Dogs are protective of us and we need to pay that forward.

These CBD treats will allow all dogs to live their best life. They taste great and become a daily gift or a welcomed tool to protect the health, well-being and  quality of life of our canine best friends.  Everyday wellness means:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Decreased pain
  • Calmed anxiety
  • Enhanced relaxation
  • Increased contentment
  • Minimized severity of seizures
  • Upgraded muscle performance
  • Eased joint movement
  • Diminished digestive disorders
  • Corrected skin disorders
  • Lightened spirits

Puppies are full of energy and life.  We can treat our adult dogs to that same curiosity,  stamina and a lasting sense of energetic  fun with a CBD treat that will interact with  their  inner endocannabinoid system to heal  physiological and neurological imbalances.

No matter which treat the dog prefers, from bacon strips to meat balls to pigs in a blanket, each treat will  deliver a dose of  full bodied canine health  that dogs everywhere will love to wolf down!  They are made in America from pure , legal ingredients that are of the highest quality.  They are value priced, have no THC  and will keep dogs coming back for more.

Here’s a rare opportunity to provide a safe,  tasty one-treat-fits all solution to dogs of any age.  Owners can watch the changes as CBD works it’s magic and establishes the balance that has been slipping away.  A dog that has slowed down because of pain will regain energy.  An over anxious dog will find calm and an easy peace.  Dogs that have been suffering silently can look to you to treat them to restored balance and rejuvenated well-being.  As we smile at their improvement, they’ll smile back.

Owners share everything with their dogs.  It’s time to add CBD to that list.  We treat ourselves to the best of life.  It’s time to give the best of life to our dogs with a CBD treat.

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